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5 Colour Solution Sdn Bhd

5 Colour Solution Sdn Bhd
5 Colour Solution Sdn Bhd is a distributor company. We manufactures, imports and distributes world class building products in South East Asia. As an industry leader, 5 Colour Solution Sdn Bhd trains in-house experts to provide consultation and installation services for all its products range. In the near future, 5 Colour Solution Sdn Bhd is expanding its scope of business by diversifying into related & non-related business, such as sustainable products/energy.
Our Product
''5 Colour Cotton Wall is an ideal 21st-century wall coating subsidizer. It’s easily maintainable, hassle-free and cost-efficient way to brighten up your space. Create multiple designs not only on walls but it is applicable on the ceiling too. Like no other, 5 Colour Cotton Wall is a modern and chic interior wall coating material for your home and office.''
100% Eco Friendly
Made from cotton, cellulose fiber, mineral flakes, natural adhesive, decorative additives, light metals, no chemical contaminants or solvents.
More than 60 Colours
Available in over 60 colours in either smooth, textured and decorative finishes. Can’t find the colour you’re looking for?
Applicable on Any Surface
Applicable on any surface regardless of smoothness, finish, or material.
Applied with water without emitting chemical gases or unpleasant smells.
No Crack
Seamless on the surface without crack or break due to its inherent elasticity.
Easily Repairable
Damage area can be repaired with smallest effort using water.
Flame Safe
No spreading of fire due to its organic material and lack of flammable additives.
Acoustic Insulation
Neutralizes sound reflections with its fiber porous nature.